Here are some of the projects I've worked on, I'm also open to collaborate and exchanging ideas. Reach out to me on using social media or Github.

This site was built using the JAMstack with Gatsby and Netlify CMS to power the blog.



A place to store, retrieve code snippets and checkout other peoples as well. Built with React, MongoDB, Express, Node, AceEditor, Auth0, and Tailwind.

Game Assistant


Used to build teams and share teams easily when ingame sharing isn't enough. Like and favorite characters while checking out other users builds! Built with React, MongoDB, Express, Node and Auth0.

React Google Book Search


Constantly tired of forgetting what books you want to read? Search them up quickly and then Built with React, Express, Mongo, Node, Javascript, and Google Books API.

Weather Dashboard


On the road? Checkout the weather before you reach there. Built with OpenWeather API, custom CSS, and Javascript

React Employee Directory


Using RandomPeople API, you can sort and filter through people as they were your own employees. Build with Javascript and React

Quote Goat


Tired of quoting people from 100 years ago? No look no further, this place is meant to be a goat-to place for new quotes! Built with SQL database, Sequelize, Passport, and Javascript.

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